Tallulah Schwartz is a New York-born and -based photographer and video artist. She holds a BA from Wesleyan University in English theory and literary forms with a minor in film. She is a 2019 WIJSL Endowed Program Fund grant recipient, currently in post-production on a personal documentary exploring the limits of biological kinship and the nuances of the second-generation Jewish diasporic subject.

Tallulah’s practice, primarily comprised of still and moving image-making, engages with the humor that comes forth from visual documents. Her work plays with tropes of documentary and street photography to produce images that toe a visual space between fact and artifice. She is fascinated by how people perceive themselves, how she perceives them through the camera, and the ways this confluence manifests for the viewer. 

Originally a darkroom photographer, I have moved much of my image-making practice onto my smartphone camera, a transition that has enriched my creative process and output in unexpected ways. Stripped of manual exposure calculations, variability in camera quality, and visibility as a photographer, a new freedom and agility emerge—along with a new visual language and set of technical considerations. Function follows form in my mobile work, the pictures inextricable from—and fully aware of—the technological processes that produce them. Working in a widely accessible medium has made me aware of what compels me foremost in images and image-making: the content of a photo and the stakes in its representation for photographer, viewer, and subject alike.

CV, video and writing samples available upon request at tallulah.schwartz@gmail.com.

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